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Prepare for cyclone, storm, flood and tsunami now!

Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) is committed to community safety in Queensland through working with local governments, other agencies and communities to help everyone make informed decisions and take appropriate steps when it comes to preparing for and responding to emergencies and natural disasters.

Taking time now to discuss and plan for emergencies can help you prepare for, survive and minimise the impact and affect of natural disasters.

We can all take steps before, during and after any disaster to help reduce potential loss of life and property damage. The information contained on this website will help you to remain calm and take positive, effective steps towards protecting yourself and your family.

How prepared are you?

A few hours spent working through simple planning tasks with your household, putting aside supplies and securing your home could mean the difference between life and death.

Here are four steps to assist you in preparing your household for natural hazards and emergencies:

Step 1. Prepare an Emergency Plan and Prepare for Evacuation.
Step 2. Prepare an Emergency Kit.
Step 3. Prepare your home.
Step 4. Tune into Warnings.

You can also check your neighbours and prepare your pets

Click on each of the steps above or see our sidebar menu on the left for more information and guidance for each step. You can download printable checklists for each of these tasks.

A great summary of how you can be prepared is the 'SES Get Ready Guide'

The 'SES Get Ready Guide' is a comprehensive preparedness publication that provides steps to prepare for potential hazards that are faced by Queenslanders. It has safety tips, Emergency Plan and Emergency contacts templates for you and your household to complete.

It is also worthwhile to familiarise yourself and your household with the alert sound – STANDARD EMERGENCY WARNING SIGNAL (SEWS) - used to alert Queenslanders when disasters loom or a major emergency happens

Useful links for additional information on natural disasters can be found at:

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Last updated 29 August 2011