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Prepare your Household Emergency Kit

Print out a copy of the Household Emergency Kit checklist

Emergency Kit Contents

The range of natural hazards that affect Queensland can cause major disruptions to essential services. One of the most important steps you can take is to prepare your Household Emergency Kit and Evacuation Kit.

Your Emergency Kit is a collection of items that provides for your household’s essential needs in the event of emergencies like storms, floods and cyclones. Your kit should be kept in a sturdy, easy to carry bag or waterproof storage box and stored in a safe place that is easy to access.

Below is a range of suggested items to help prepare your Emergency Kit. This list includes items to have in your kit at all times and extra essentials to add to your kit during storm and cyclone seasons for when weather warnings are issued.

Items to include in your emergency kit at all times

Food and water

Medical and sanitation supplies



Clothing and footwear

Tools and supplies

Miscellaneous items

Important documents

Keep original or certified copies of the following documents in your Emergency Kit. Scan copies of these documents and save on a USB memory stick or CD to include in your kit. Keep all these items in sealed plastic bags.

Extra items to include in your Emergency Kit during cyclone and storm season

Ensuring you have these extra items on hand or included in your kit during the storm and cyclone season will assist you when weather warnings are issued:

Food and water

Medical and sanitation supplies

Tools, communications and supplies

Clothing and footwear

Miscellaneous items

In a major emergency, there may be extended interruptions to power and water supplies.
The following items are recommended:

Print out Emergency Kit and Checklist

PDF – Emergency Kit and Checklist

Evacuation Kit

If you live in a low-lying coastal area or an area that has experienced major flooding in the past, preparing an evacuation kit now could save you time and stress in the event of storm surge or flood.
Keep all contents of your Evacuation Kit in a sturdy, easy to carry bag or waterproof storage box and store in a safe place that is easy to access.

Items to include in your Evacuation Kit:

Print out Household Evacuation and Evacuation Kit information  

PDF – Household Evacuation Kit

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Last updated 25 Jan 2010