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In recent days the Department of Community Safety has provided responses to The Courier-Mail on issues involving the Queensland Ambulance Service.

The Courier-Mail has chosen not to run these answers in full which means the whole story regarding incidents involving the QAS has not been presented.

In the interests of presenting the full picture to staff the complete responses provided to The Courier-Mail are below.

Courier mail questions for QAS August 21

Further questions for QAS for the Courier Mail August 21

Courier Mail August 24


Commisioner's Comments


No doubt you are all aware and have read the series of articles in the Courier Mail this week concerning the QAS.

I expect, like me, you are disappointed that a small number of individuals, current and former employees, have considered it necessary to air their grievances against the QAS in this manner.

No organisation can claim to be ‘perfect’.  The QAS is no exception.  However, it is my firm view that the QAS is a professional organisation with Paramedics who are professional, conscientious and serious about delivering the best possible service to the Queensland community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  To me this demonstrates a clear and strong commitment to our organisation and the people of Queensland.

During 2008-09 we took 744,004 calls for assistance to incidents.  We responded with 828,566 responses, being one each 38 seconds. 

We have a total of 1167 defibrillators operational in Queensland with 834 of those being the LP12’s valued at $19,000 each.  Despite the fact that the other brands of defibrillators meet national paramedic standards we will continue our replacement program to ensure all are LP12’s as soon as practicable.  A sensible assessment will be made as to how many will be required for training purposes and these will also be provided as soon as practicable.

Your 50th percentile response time for 2008-09 was an exceptionally good 8.38 (statistically represented as 8.4) which is a very good result.  It is true that I only compare our performance to New South Wales.  The reason being they have a similar demographic profile, they provide a State-wide service, which a number of other Australian ambulance services do not provide, and they are on a similar CAD system.  Our performance is better than NSW and I am proud of your achievements in that area.

Finally, I would like to once again say that I, the Deputy Commissioner Russell Bowles and the senior executive of the QAS are committed to doing all in our power to continue to make our service the best service in Australia and a safe and secure workplace for all our officer’s.

Both the Senior Executive and I look forward to the future challenges and opportunities that may present themselves to the QAS.

We thank you for your commitment and look forward to working with you in the future.


David Melville
Queensland Ambulance Service   



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