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"Red Alert" is a collection of digital stories made by young people from across Queensland about cyclones, bushfires, severe storms and floods. These digital stories are a collage of young people's voices, art work and storytelling about their experiences.

100 young people have contributed to these digital stories by sharing their personal stories, creating artwork, being interviewed, filming, taking photos and developing the themes, stories and digital collages.
There are five stories in each category developed by young people that have directly experienced cyclone, Bushfire, severe storm and flood. These stories share experiences before, during and after each disaster event as well as the sights and sounds for each.

Also included is the "Behind the Scenes" story that documents processes used to engage young people in the project, objectives and outcomes of the project.

There are lots of ways that you can make use of these stories. Here are some suggestions:

  • Learning about what to do in the event of a disaster in your home town;

  • Informing others on what can happen when a cyclone, bushfire or severe storm or flood occurs in your region;

  • Helping young people to teach other young people through their own experiences and stories;

  • Debriefing young people about their own experiences of disasters;

  • Inspiring young people to use a creative process to develop a digital outcome;

  • Listening and hearing young people's ideas and stories whilst watching them come to life; and

  • Discussing with young people issues around living in Australia and experiencing climate change.

Cyclone Stories
bush fire
Bushfire Stories
Flood Stories
  behind scene
Behind the Scenes

Click here to download the Red Alert Booklet


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